Tuesday, 22 November 2016

How to insulate from road noise

Any long distance drive in a noisy car can be a particularly unpleasant experience.

Of course, some kind of noise in any car is expected but there are some things you can do that will significantly reduce the amount of noise passengers will hear when riding in the car.
If you upgrade and improve your vehicle straight away, it is possible to create an environment that is better insulated from the road outside your windows. The key to solving this is to understand where the sound is coming from and to focus on sealing and insulating those areas.
What you'll need
  • Adhesive sound dampening material
  • Boot mat
  • Sound damping panels
  • Vehicle weather stripping
What to do
  1. First, you'll need to replace the weather stripping on your car.Weather stripping can be found around doors and windows, but it may also be on the boot seal and anywhere there may be an opening into the car. Road noise that comes through the weather stripping is a warning sign that the stripping is on its way out and failing. When you replace it, you are instantly improving your road noise insulation and will help to prevent any damage to your car which would have been the result of the moisture seeping through a previously sealed path.
  2. To insulate the boot, lay down to heavy blankets. These can reduce the road noise slightly but if you want a more effective solution, choose a heavy rubber boot mat or invest in a sound-insulating product.
  3. When insulating the door panels and floorboards, you can use the same material you used when lining the boot. It is advised you seek professional help when taking apart your vehicle and placing down insulation.
  4. Apply a spray of noise-damping compound to the areas which may be too difficult to cover with matting. Avoid using rubber insulation spray like the undercoating from the floor. Rather choose a product that has been specifically designed to help acoustically isolate the car.
Sound-proofing your vehicle is a worth-while investment to avoid those noisy drives.
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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Van Conversions

Before we begin discussing what van conversions we offer, we should know what a conversion van actually is.

CamperVan Conversions Devon

A conversion van is essentially a regular van that has had a few modifications in order to refit the van for a new purpose. Mods will usually be executed by a third party manufacturer, like Van Formers, who have the skills and expertise to customise the interior, design, facilities and overall structure of the van.

A common conversion for a van will be the addition of travel feature to accommodate disabled passengers.

Other conversions could include the addition of a bench or bed replacing the back seat; larger conversions for camper vans could be the addition of a kitchen.

Among other things such as:
- Systems for entertainment
- Extra seating/seat modification i.e benches installed
- Dining area
- Speakers

Conversions we offer:

Bespoke Conversions
Caravelle Conversions
Campervan Conversions
Kombi Conversions
Seat conversions
Window Conversions
Elevating Roofs
Interior Lining
Ply Lining
Rock & Roll Beds
Sample Range

Van Formers also provide vehicle accessories including:

- Audio Accessories
- Night Heaters
- Vehicle Insulation
- Vehicle Security

If you think you're interesting van conversions, please visit our website for further details!

Friday, 26 June 2015

Kombi Conversions

Kombi Conversions
Van Formers offer Kombi conversions! Kombi vans are the perfect vehicle choice for multipurpose use.
Kombi conversions aren't just for work purposes, they can be used for camping and pleasure also. The name originates from the German word Kombinationskraftwagen, translating as combination vehicle.
As the vehicle possesses seats that are quick release, we can remove them and re-fit them in a very short amount of time.
Van Formers have the skills to change a panel van into a Kombi van through utilising genuine or aftermarket parts, fitting the strengthening plates to the underside and seat belt attachments points. In this conversion, there are three available seating options to choose from:
- Twin seat
- Twin+1 seat
- Triple seat
All of our installations are photographed and a covering letter si provided to show the process that has been carried out explaining that your van is safe to use, for the purpose of insurance.

For further details on our Kombi conversions and Seat Conversions, please visit the website!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Why should you get a van conversion?

Van conversions: individualising your vehicle

In recent times, van conversions have become an ever popular option for old vehicles to be repurposed, fitting the needs of drivers all over the world. With the advancement of technology and the wider availability of parts, van conversions have become a lot easier to both achieve and perform, reducing the costs levels down so anybody can achieve their dream of a converted van! Have an old van that you want to do something with? Follow our blog to find out just what to do with it and make your dreams come true!
True flexibility of design
Having a van conversion will not only give you true flexibility of the design, but it will allow you to make the perfect van for you, filling all of the individual needs and specifications you may have. Here at VanFormers, we have a range of skilled workers who can undertake a large number of difficult tasks, so no requirement is too big or too difficult. We’ll be sure to implement a plan for the conversion before undertaking any work, as this will ensure ultimate success in the van conversion process. Without proper planning, there’s the hazard of making a considerable mistake that’ll waste time and materials.
Keeping costs at a low
In all walks of life, we need to look after our money because if we don’t, nobody else will! We understand that money can be a little tight, so that’s why we offer van conversions at affordable low prices. A number of decisions can be taken when it comes to the financial resources available to you, so a lower level of van conversion can be undertaken. With the right people, your van can be converted into anything you want it to be: whether you need a mobile office for work, photography purposes, somewhere to sleep; you name it, it can be done! It can even be turned into the perfect van for road trips if you require it!
A van conversion can actually be completed at a low cost, which all depends on the simplicity of the conversion and the extravagance that you want your van to possess. For example, a simple van conversion is going to cost less than an extravagant one! Remember that, depending on the country in which the transformation is completed, the van may need to be re-classified depending on the changes made.
Van conversions can be tailored for you
Not much of a DIY person? Van conversion companies can be found with the ease of the internet and VanFormers may be the perfect company for you! The conversions are now more affordable than ever before and you’d be surprised just how little it could be to make your dream a reality. Over time, the quality of conversion vans has improved, which allows for higher quality components and construction, meaning it’s the best time to get a conversion van suited for your needs. A number of things can be added to your van; computers, TVs, gaming consoles, living utilities and more are all options to be considered!
So, what do you think of our blog? Is a van conversion for you?
Let us know in the comments below!
For more on van conversions, options, add ons and more, please visit our campervan conversions website.